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A Chicago native, Caryn Lee, was born to write thrilling novels. Growing up in a home surrounded by books of diverse subjects, it was easy to develop a love of reading. Her affinity for reading grew into a literacy collection at warp speed that even surprised her. She decided to try her hand at penning her own novel, thus, her hit series, "Blackbone", was created. Caryn has since added children's books to her repertoire writing her first children's book, " An Adventure in Magical Unicorn Land".

Caryn has been rewarded for her writing, being honored as one of UBAWA's (Urban Books, Authors & Writers of America) Top 100 authors in 2017, 2018 and 2020. Presently, Caryn has several successful novels and does not plan on giving up her love or pen of writing anytime soon.

You can find all of Caryn Lee’s novels at

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